An SGB Interview with Vyckie Garrison of No Longer Quivering

Vyckie Garrison

Vyckie Garrison runs a website called No Longer Quivering, which assists women in transitioning from abusive, oppressive and servile roles as breeding servants of husbands and an interpretation of the Bible called The Quiverful movement. The site features the stories of women and families, told in their own words – about the harsh price paid by women and children in oppressive, strict religion. Most of the stories are painful to read, but I encourage you to read them. The knowledge of what these women go through in order to provide healthy lives for themselves and their children – is breathtaking. Vyckie also operates a site called The Take Heart Project, to support women in all religions who seek to free themselves of oppression, brutality & dehumanization in the name of a god.

I invited Vyckie to be interviewed here on SGB because her story is a powerful one, which is shared in full or in part by a great many women across the globe.

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National Day of Prayer 2010 Postmortem

As I wrote in a previous post on Franklin Graham and the National Day of Prayer, the victory of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) in getting the Pentagon to rescind its invitation to Graham was due only in part to his virulently anti-Muslim statements. Even if Graham had never uttered a single disparaging word against the religion of Islam, his invitation to speak at the Pentagon National Day of Prayer event would still have been in violation of Department of Defense regulations.

Graham was this year’s honorary chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force (NDPTF), a private organization that, despite projecting an appearance of official-ness, has no official connection whatsoever to National Day of Prayer. The Pentagon had invited Graham specifically because he was the NDPTF honorary chairman, continuing what has become a regular practice of inviting the NDPTF honorary chairman to speak.

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What Do Lewd Navy Videos and the National Day of Prayer Have in Common?

As reported here, Rear Admiral Lawrence Rice, the immediate superior of Captain Owen Honors at the time that Honors made and aired his lewd videos on board the U.S.S. Enterprise, is now the subject of a further investigation by the Navy into the videos.

And, what has Rear Admiral Rice been up to lately? Well, he was a speaker at Shirley Dobson’s big National Day of Prayer Task Force event on Capitol Hill last year, appearing in uniform, in violation of a number of military regulations.

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Charlie Rose: A discussion with James Watson and E.O. Wilson

A rebroadcast of an hour conversation with Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edward Wilson. They discuss the history and legacy of Charles Darwin, the relationship between science and religion, especially with respect to evolutionary theory, and Darwin’s influence on their work including Watson’s discovery of the structure of DNA.