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Welcome to the Grand Traverse Humanists. If you value science, reason, and compassion and believe that humans are responsible for their own destiny, you have come to the right place. We are a community for the non-religious in the Grand Traverse area, offering a forum for discussing and advancing a secular worldview based on our common humanity. Our programs include monthly speakers and discussions, film and book groups, and various volunteer and social events. All are free and open to the public. Check out Upcoming Events below, or click on the calendar. Nontheists, agnostics, atheists, freethinkers, rationalists, humanists, and more…we welcome you to join us!

Upcoming Events

  • G.T. Humanist Bike Ride: Boardman Lake Loop

    Sunday, August 7, 11 a.m.
    Hull Park
    660 Hannah Ave., Traverse City

    Grand Traverse Humanists will meet at Hull Park in Traverse City to bike around Boardman Lake on the newly-opened Boardman Lake Loop trail. Since the loop is only 4 miles, we’ll then bike on the TART trail east to Red Mesa to have lunch, then bike back to Hull Park.





  • G.T. Humanist Meeting: Tour the Botanic Garden

    Monday, August 8, 6 p.m.
    Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park
    1490 Red Dr., Traverse City

    Join us for a docent-led tour of the beautiful Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park! This event is free and open to the public.

    Please RSVP to Marlene Smith at marlene.smith8@gmail.com





  • G.T. Humanist Book Club: Immune

    Sunday, September 18, 4 p.m.
    Location TBD

    We’ll discuss the book “Immune: A Journey into the Mysterious System That Keeps You Alive,” by Philipp Dettmer. It’s a timely read and an opportunity to learn more about our human defense system during our recent and ongoing challenges with Covid and other pathogens. Discussion location TBD.

    Description from Amazon: “NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A gorgeously illustrated deep dive into the immune system that will forever change how you think about your body, from the creator of the popular science YouTube channel Kurzgesagt—In a Nutshell

    You wake up and feel a tickle in your throat. Your head hurts. You’re mildly annoyed as you get the kids ready for school and dress for work yourself. Meanwhile, an epic war is being fought, just below your skin. Millions are fighting and dying for you to be able to complain as you head out the door. But most of us never really stop to ask: What even is our immune system? Second only to the human brain in its complexity, it is one of the oldest and most critical facets of life on Earth. Without it, you would die within days. In Immune, Philipp Dettmer, the brains behind the most popular science channel on YouTube, takes readers on a journey through the fortress of the human body and its defenses. There is a constant battle of staggering scale raging within us, full of stories of invasion, strategy, defeat, and noble self-sacrifice. In fact, in the time you’ve been reading this, your immune system has probably identified and eradicated a cancer cell that started to grow in your body.

    Each chapter delves into an element of the immune system, including defenses like antibodies and inflammation as well as threats like bacteria, allergies, and cancer, as Dettmer reveals why boosting your immune system is actually nonsense, how parasites sneak their way past your body’s defenses, how viruses work, and what goes on in your wounds when you cut yourself.

    Enlivened by engaging full-color graphics and immersive descriptions, Immune turns one of the most intricate, interconnected, and confusing subjects—immunology—into a gripping adventure through an astonishing alien landscape. Immune is a vital and remarkably fun crash course in what is arguably, and increasingly, the most important system in the body.”



  • G.T. Humanist Bike Ride: Leelanau Trail

    Sunday, July 10, 11 a.m.
    Darrow Park
    1025 Bay St., Traverse City

    Grand Traverse Humanists will meet at Darrow Park in Traverse City, ride up the Leelanau Trail to Suttons Bay, have lunch at Hop Lot, then bike back. The option to join the group as they arrive at Cherry Bend Rd. is also a possibility. You can also take the BATA bus back home with your bike if you don’t want to bike both ways. Contact Mark to RSVP: 231-392-1215.



  • G.T. Humanist Meeting: Empowered Aging

    Monday, July 11, 6 p.m.
    Traverse Area District Library
    610 Woodmere Ave., Traverse City

    G.T. Humanists will hold a discussion on the general state of eldercare in the nation, and in Grand Traverse County specifically.

    Kim Bauml, Senior Care Consultant/President at Options for Senior Living LLC, and Sharon Neumann, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist/Consultant, will lead a discussion about elder care options in our community.

    Emphasizing that knowledge and thoughtful planning are empowering, the program and discussion will help to answer some of the most common questions and concerns about aging, including:

    * The status of aging as a social issue and the big picture politically
    * The economics and safety nets for patients who run out of money
    * Insurance and financial considerations to keep in mind
    * Recruiting and retaining eldercare employees
    * Easing the burden for families
    * Gerontology and palliative care options/availability
    * Resources for successful adjustment to loss and change
    * Local facility availability


  • Hungry Humanists: North Peak Brewing Co.

    Monday, July 25, 6 p.m.
    400 W. Front St., Traverse City

    Grand Traverse Humanists will gather to dine on the patio at North Peak Brewing Co. Contact Marlene to RSVP at marlene.smith8@gmail.com.