National Day of Prayer 2010 Postmortem

As I wrote in a previous post on Franklin Graham and the National Day of Prayer, the victory of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) in getting the Pentagon to rescind its invitation to Graham was due only in part to his virulently anti-Muslim statements. Even if Graham had never uttered a single disparaging word against the religion of Islam, his invitation to speak at the Pentagon National Day of Prayer event would still have been in violation of Department of Defense regulations.

Graham was this year’s honorary chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force (NDPTF), a private organization that, despite projecting an appearance of official-ness, has no official connection whatsoever to National Day of Prayer. The Pentagon had invited Graham specifically because he was the NDPTF honorary chairman, continuing what has become a regular practice of inviting the NDPTF honorary chairman to speak.

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