GT Humanists Board

President: His religious beliefs having dissolved while still a teenager, Scott appreciated the philosophy of Humanism when he learned of it in a class at NMC in the late 1970s. He firmly adopted the label upon joining GTH in 2009. Scott has represented our group and the Humanist perspective in area publications, at local forums, and in classrooms. He has a background in biology, is a retired wastewater treatment consultant, and a former manager of the Traverse City Wastewater Treatment Plant. Scott sails, skate skis, builds things, and always carries a sharp jackknife in his pocket (for peaceful purposes). He lives in the woods near Traverse City with his wife, Suzette.
Dr. Mark Elliott Vice-President: Mark Elliott is a retired cardiologist who practiced in Traverse City for almost 30 years. Mark has been a secular Humanist since 7th grade biology class, but only formally since 2007, when he joined Grand Traverse Humanists. Mark enjoys bicycling, nature, and the beautiful waters of Grand Traverse Bay. He also loves music and is especially fond of hearing his wife, Heather, sing.
Heather Kingham Secretary: Heather Kingham is the founder and director of TC Sings! Community Choir. Heather moved to Traverse City in 2008 from Portland, Oregon, where she was active in the Humanists of Greater Portland. She learned about Humanism when she saw the following definition on a friend’s t-shirt and thought “Ah! That’s me!” A progressive philosophy of life that, without supernaturalism, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity. Heather loves singing, bicycling, and skate skiing. She lives on Old Mission Peninsula with her husband Mark, two dogs, and a cat.
Sue McDonald Treasurer: Sue McDonald became an Atheist and Humanist after receiving a Masters degree in religion. She is a former librarian with degrees from Michigan State, Wayne State, and Graceland University. She moved here from Kansas City, Missouri. Sue has three children and two grandchildren. She enjoys reading, walking, sailing, movies, and Traverse City!
At-Large: Ed Scholl is a northern Michigan native who works as a software engineer. He enjoys cycling, nature, and writing, recording, and performing music. He advocates a rationalist worldview, tenets of critical thinking, and pursuit of knowledge of oneself and the world.
At-Large: Linnaea Melcarek grew up without religion but spent a period of time questioning the role of spirituality in her life. She became a confirmed Atheist in early adulthood and later discovered Humanism as a way to effect positive change in the world. Linnaea is a grower and manager at her family’s wholesale greenhouse business, Florigen Greenhouses. She’s a former journalist at Interlochen Public Radio and continues to produce regular content for IPR News, as well as volunteer at WNMC community radio. Linnaea loves many outdoor activities, especially kayaking, hiking, and biking. She’s always on the lookout for new adventures, big and small, and seeks to find the extraordinary in overlooked places.
At-Large: Bob Simon is a retired attorney who worked for the federal government in Lansing for over 33 years before retiring with his wife Cathy to Traverse City in the fall of 2022. In addition to reading, he enjoys doing many outdoor activities in beautiful northwest lower Michigan, including hiking in the woods, biking the great trails, and rockhounding on the beaches. Occasionally, Bob even tries to hit a golf ball (not in the woods). He first discovered the joys of Humanism during a vacation to Florida in 2016 and is glad to be able to continue that experience here in Traverse City.