Grand Traverse Humanists

…at a glance

Who: We are a supportive community of non-religious people who value education, critical thinking, and living an ethical life free of supernatural beliefs. Our diverse membership guarantees lively and enthusiastic debate of philosophical, scientific, and cultural issues. We view our existence through the lens of objective reality, and we celebrate human consciousness as the sole source of enlightenment, wisdom, knowledge, emotion, morality, justice, and creativity.

What: Our monthly meetings bring speakers on a wide range of topics, with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussions. We also have film and book groups, and various community outreach and social activities.

When: 6 – 7:45 p.m., second Monday of each month (unless otherwise specified)

Where: Traverse Area District Library, 610 Woodmere Ave., Traverse City, MI

Why: A sense of community. Combined resources to accomplish more together than separately. Intellectual stimulation. Education. Respite from the superstitious majority. Friendship, laughter, meaningful social interaction. Model positive change in our communities and the world through critical thinking, creativity, and personal responsibility. Benefit from varying viewpoints and experiences of members and guests. Freedom to cut loose and be ourselves.

We hope you’ll join us at one of our events!

The mission of the Grand Traverse Humanists is to increase public awareness of Humanism; to promote rational, critical thinking; to provide fellowship; and, without a belief in supernaturalism, to affirm humanity’s ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives that create a more humane world for all.

The Grand Traverse Humanists is a local chapter of the national organization the American Humanist Association.