Losing My Religion: How I Lost MY Faith Reporting on Religion in America – and Found Unexpected Peace by William Lobdell

Reading: March 2010

There are many great books about finding God. But there are far fewer books, great or otherwise, about finding and then losing God. So Losing My Religion, by William Lobdell, a former religion writer for The Los Angeles Times, feels powerfully fresh. It is the tale of being born again in his adulthood, then almost 20 years later deciding that Christianity is untrue. Today Lobdell prefers the God of Jefferson or Einstein, a deity that can be seen in the miracles of nature. While Lobdell never entirely rejects belief in the supernatural, his humane, even-tempered book does more to advance the cause of irreligion than the bilious atheist tracts by Christopher Hitchens and others that have become so common. And Lobdell’s self-deprecating memoir is far more fun to read. ~ NY Times Book Review