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Welcome to the Grand Traverse Humanists. If you value science, reason, and compassion and believe that humans are responsible for their own destiny, you have come to the right place. We are a community for the non-religious in the Grand Traverse area, offering a forum for discussing and advancing a secular worldview based on our common humanity. Our programs include monthly speakers and discussions, film and book groups, and various volunteer and social events. All are free and open to the public. Check out Upcoming Events below, or click on the calendar. Nontheists, agnostics, atheists, freethinkers, rationalists, humanists, and more…we welcome you to join us!

Upcoming Events

  • G.T. Humanists Meeting: Climate Change and its Impact on the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

    Monday, December 12, 6 p.m.
    Traverse Area District Library
    610 Woodmere Ave., Traverse City

    Join us for a discussion led by park ranger and naturalist David Fenlon of how climate change is impacting Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. 








  • G.T. Humanists Meeting: The Endangered Monarch Butterfly

    Monday, November 14, 6 p.m.
    Traverse Area District Library
    610 Woodmere Ave., Traverse City

    Join the Grand Traverse Humanists for a discussion about the monarch butterfly with guest Cyndie Roach, curator for the G.T. Butterfly House & Bug Zoo in Williamsburg.

    Cyndie Roach is degreed in both Business and Zoology and has worked with both exotic and native butterflies for a decade. She will discuss the monarch’s lifecycle, migration, Eastern vs Western populations, and why the International Union for Conservation of Nature declared the monarch an endangered species. She’ll provide answers about why they are disappearing and include ways to help the monarch butterfly rebound.



  • G.T. Humanists Book Club: Starry Messenger

    Sunday, November 13, 4 p.m.
    4813 N Indian Lake Rd.
    Traverse City, MI

    Grand Traverse Humanists will gather to discuss Neil deGrasse Tyson’s book “Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization.” The book is available for a discount at Horizon Books in Traverse City. To RSVP, please text Scott at 231-313-7214.

    Description from Amazon.com: “Bringing his cosmic perspective to civilization on Earth, Neil deGrasse Tyson shines new light on the crucial fault lines of our time―war, politics, religion, truth, beauty, gender, and race―in a way that stimulates a deeper sense of unity for us all.

    In a time when our political and cultural views feel more polarized than ever, Tyson provides a much-needed antidote to so much of what divides us, while making a passionate case for the twin chariots of enlightenment―a cosmic perspective and the rationality of science.

    After thinking deeply about how science sees the world and about Earth as a planet, the human brain has the capacity to reset and recalibrates life’s priorities, shaping the actions we might take in response. No outlook on culture, society, or civilization remains untouched.

    With crystalline prose, Starry Messenger walks us through the scientific palette that sees and paints the world differently. From insights on resolving global conflict to reminders of how precious it is to be alive, Tyson reveals, with warmth and eloquence, an array of brilliant and beautiful truths that apply to us all, informed and enlightened by knowledge of our place in the universe.”


  • Hungry Humanists: Red Mesa

    Monday, November 28, 6 p.m.
    1544 US-31 N, Traverse City

    Grand Traverse Humanists will gather at Red Mesa Grill in Traverse City for dinner and conversation.
    Please RSVP by texting Mark at 231-392-1215.








  • G.T. Humanists Meeting: Diving Great Lakes Shipwrecks

    Monday, October 10, 6 p.m.
    Traverse Area District Library
    610 Woodmere Ave., Traverse City

    Traverse City resident Chris Roxburgh is a scuba diver and underwater photographer, known for the beautiful images and videos he takes of Great Lakes shipwrecks. Join us at 6 p.m. on Monday, October 10, at the Woodmere branch of the Traverse Area District Library for a presentation from Chris on these shipwrecks and stories of our maritime history. 


  • Hungry Humanists: Pangea’s Pizza

    CANCELLED due to inclement weather

    Monday, September 26, 6 p.m.
    135 E. Front St., Traverse City

    Grand Traverse Humanists will meet at Pangea’s Pizza for tasty food and great conversation!