Meeting at the Library: “The Ottawa – A River Reborn” documentary and Q&A with filmmaker

Ottawa - A River Reborn
Monday, November 13 2017

Meeting at the Library: “The Ottaway – A River Reborn” documentary and Q & A with filmmaker

7 p.m….610 Woodmere Ave., Traverse City

How will the decisions we make today impact the future of our Planet 100 years from now?

Few people today ask that question and even fewer asked that question 100 years ago when they used and abused the Boardman River to “benefit humanity”.

The one-hour documentary, “The Ottaway – A River Reborn,” explores the history and future of humanity’s relationship with the Boardman River. Through the hearts of minds of various stakeholders, a story unfolds about the challenges of turning back the hands of time by removing the three upper dams and modifying a fourth to once again connect the river with the waters of Grand Traverse Bay. This film weaves together Native values, the complexity of a changing society, and the unspoken voices of nature’s population of “environmental citizen’s” whose lives are interwoven with… the rebirth of the Ottaway.

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