Reason Rally a Roaring Success!

Reason Rally crowdReason Rally a Roaring Success!
Tens of thousands of rational people rallied in Washington, D.C. Saturday, March 24, for the largest gathering of secular people in world history! The message was clear: we’re here, we’re secular, get used to it! (to borrow the turn of a phrase). Through a very soggy day, we stood resolute…nay, enthusiastic!…committed to science, reason, critical thinking, and the absolute separation of church and state. Singers, scientists, philosophers, and comedians flowed in a seamless procession on and off the stage with a message of support for secular ideals, encouragement to “come out of the closet,” and excitement for our growing momentum. For more on the rally, see the article below in “Humanism in the News.”

Smart Commute Week in Traverse City

Smart Commute Week in Traverse City June 4-9 2012

Smart Commute logoFrom The Affirmations of Humanism…“We want to protect and enhance the earth…preserve it for future generations…”

Smart Commute Week is an annual week-long celebration of smart commuting that takes place the first full week in June. During Smart Commute Week an exciting, energizing, cool and noticeable transformation in transportation takes place in Traverse City and beyond of people getting around without their individual automobiles. Smart Commute Week’s critical mass and safety in numbers makes it a perfect opportunity for people to give smart commuting a try. In addition to encouraging new smart commuters, the purpose of the Week is also about gathering to celebrate the community’s year-round veteran smart commuters and infrastructure improvements to provide more safe, connected and accessible active transportation.

Enjoy free breakfasts at locations around Traverse City every morning if you ride your bicycle! Click here for more information.

Scott Blair Speaks at Etcetera on “Knowledge, Reason, Faith, and the Search for Truth”

Scott Blair Speaks at Etcetera on “Knowledge, Reason, Faith, and the Search for Truth.”

April 26 saw the first meeting of Traverse City’s “Street Level Philosophy” group, Etcetera, at the Good Work Collective on Union Street. Featured on the panel were Grand Traverse Humanist board member Scott Blair and parkour specialist Levi Meeuwenberg, with Anthony Weber moderating. Scott began the evening with an excellent summation of why reason and dispassionate inquiry are the best tools to discover what is true, as opposed to faith. Click here to see the session on youtube. Etcetera is planning to meet once a month for civil discourse on a variety of topics. It was an interesting evening!