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Welcome to the Grand Traverse Humanists. If you value science, reason, and compassion and believe that humans are responsible for their own destiny, you have come to the right place. We are a community for the non-religious in the Grand Traverse area, offering a forum for discussing and advancing a secular worldview based on our common humanity. Our programs include monthly speakers and discussions, film and book groups, and various volunteer and social events. All are free and open to the public. Check out Upcoming Events below, or click on the calendar. Nontheists, agnostics, atheists, freethinkers, rationalists, humanists, and more…we welcome you to join us!

Grand Traverse Humanists Main Meeting

Second Monday of each month, 7 p.m.

Traverse Area District Library main branch, 610 Woodmere Ave., TC

We have been holding virtual meetings over Zoom: check the upcoming events for details.

Upcoming Events

  • Media Night: Discussion of “The Blood of the Lamb” by Peter De Vries

    The Blood of the Lamp book coverSeptember 24 2012: Media Night

    7 p.m….home of DeAnna and Matt Hess (email for directions)

    Join us for a discussion of Peter De Vries’ book The Blood of the LambPeter De Vries was an American editor and novelist known for his satirid wit. He has been described by the philospher Daniel Dennett as “probably the funniest writer on religion ever.”

    The most poignant of all De Vries’s novels, The Blood of the Lamb is also the most autobiographical. It follows the life of Don Wanderhop from his childhood in an immigrant Calvinist family living in Chicago in the 1950s through the loss of a brother, his faith, his wife, and finally his daughter-a tragedy drawn directly from De Vries’s own life. Despite its foundation in misfortune, The Blood of the Lamb offers glimpses of the comic sensibility for which De Vries was famous. Engaging directly with the reader in a manner that buttresses the personal intimacy of the story, De Vries writes with a powerful blend of grief, love, wit, and fury.

  • Meeting at the History Center: “You Are What You Breathe”

    August 13 2012: Meeting at the History Center–“You Are What You Breathe”

    7 p.m….History Center of Traverse City, 322 Sixth Street

    Air pollution became a hot topic in Traverse City with the attempt last year to approve the building of a biomass plant in our area. What do we need to know about air pollutants, and how can we protect ourselves and society as a whole? Dr. Robert Brook, associate professor of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Michigan, will present a talk entitled “You Are What You Breathe: Effect of Air Pollutants on Cardiovascular Health.”

  • Meeting at the History Center: Humanist Celebration of the Arts

    Arts graphicJuly 30 2011: Meeting at the History Center: Humanist Celebration of the Arts

    Humanism is a philosophy informed by science, motivated by compassion, and INSPIRED BY ART. Art enriches all of our lives, from the carved handle on a serving knife to the beauty of a painting or the joy inspired by our favorite music. We invite you to share what inspires YOU…either your own artistic endeavor, or something done by others that you enjoy. Email larry.dean@gthumanists.org to sign up for a 5-10 minute spot. No pressure…just a joyful sharing of the art that enriches our everyday lives. “The artist is not a different kind of person; every person is a different kind of artist.”

  • Media Night: Movie!

    Movie Night imageJuly 23 2012: Media Night–Movie!

    7 p.m….location TBD

    Enjoy a movie and conversation from a Humanist point of view. Email info@gthumanists.org for details.

  • Meeting at the History Center: “Working with What Is”

    Image of a crowdJuly 16 2012 (NOTE: THIRD MONDAY): Meeting at the History Center–“Working with What Is”

    7 p.m….322 Sixth Street, Traverse City

    Humanists find themselves at the crossroads of becoming “mainstream.”  After struggling through the “come outer” era and then the “come inner” phase – many Humanists now are just average folk. They come in all sizes and colors and from a wide variety of ethic, cultural and social economic backgrounds.  For Humanists who came of age in the 19th century model of Humanist rhetoric, what will the “new” Humanist agenda be? Please join Rev. Suzanne Paul, Humanist Leader/Minister, and past president of the American Humanist Association (1990) for a discussion of what Humanist can and should be for the 21st century.

  • Media Night…Discussion of GTH Member Kimberli Bindschatel’s Book

    Book Discussion Group imageJune 25 2012: Media Night…Discussion of GTH Member Kimberli Bindschatel’s Book

    7 p.m….place TBD

    Kimberli has written a fantasy novel aimed at young adult readers which is sure to enthrall.  If you’d like to participate in this event, email Kimberli@whisperinthewoods @ charter.net for a copy of the book.