Meeting at the Library: Speaker Jeremy Beahan

Jeremy Beahan
Monday, August 14 2017

Meeting at the Library: Speaker Jeremy Beahan…What Can Modern Secular Humanists Possibly Learn from Ancient Buddhists?

7 p.m….610 Woodmere Ave., Traverse City, MI

Quite a bit, actually. Early Buddhist doctrines regarding the nature of reality, causation and persons are surprisingly compatible with a naturalistic worldview. Many Non-Theists who long for a spiritual tradition they can identify with have found inspiration in secularized forms of Buddhist ethics and mental discipline.

Find out more as we explore Buddhist scriptures, philosophy and practice from the emerging perspective of Secular Buddhism.

About the Speaker
Jeremy Beahan teaches classes in Philosophy and Aesthetics at Kendall College of Art and Design/Ferris State University. Jeremy was also a co-host and producer for the Reasonable Doubts podcast and radio show. He has been an active member of the Freethought Association (now CFI Michigan) since 2002.

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