Special Gathering for End-of-Life Planning

Sun Leaf imageApril 30 2012: Special Gathering for End-of-Life Planning

7 p.m…History Center of Traverse City (322 Sixth St.; the old library)

At our December meetings we discuss end-of-life issues, from green burial to hospice care to secular celebrations in place of religious funerals. Everyone agrees it is best to plan ahead and discuss one’s wishes with friends and family members. Our presenters from Munson Hospice last December were impressed that we have put together notebooks to assist in this planning (thank you, Larry Dean)…but the less impressive reality is that few of us have actually filled out the information in these notebooks or really put some thought into how we would like our end-of-life celebrations to proceed. Here is your opportunity to change all that, in an atmosphere of collaborative fun. Bring your notebook (free to members, or available for purchase by non-members) and let’s do some planning. Ideas for secular poems, songs, and readings are welcome.

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