Special Event: “Holy Water Makes You Healthy and Wealthy”: The Revered Peter Popoff Promise

Peter PopoffSept 26, 2011 Special Event: “Holy Water Makes You Healthy and Wealthy: The Reverend Peter Popoff Promise”

7 p.m….History Center of Traverse City, 322 Sixth St.

You might remember faith healer Peter Popoff as the guy that James Randi exposed on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson back in 1986…although he claimed to be receiving “revelations from God,” he was actually being fed information about revival attendees by his wife through an in-ear radio transmitter.  He declared bankruptcy the next year.  How is it, then, that today his ministry rakes in millions of dollars urging people through television infomercials to request “miracle spring water?”.  Join us at The History Center of Traverse City, 322 Sixth St., at 7 p.m. for a short video and lecture presentation by followed by discussion. Presenter Jim Skinner has an M.A. from Aberdeen University, Scotland, and taught history at Brandon University in Manitoba for 28 years before retiring to Victoria, where he has been a sessional lecturer at the University of Victoria in the departments of English, History, and History in Art.  He is also the president of the Victoria Secular Humanists Association.

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